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Seechem Winter Dressage Series – the Champions

The Seechem Winter Dressage Championship series consisted of 5 different dressage competitions. Throughout the series competitors collected points for wins and placements in their class. Those competitors who collected most points overall in their individual class were crowned champions.  Below you find the names of the champions and reserve champions in each class. Please note Class 1 was split into 3 categories – Lead rein/assisted, 16 and under and an open class.

Class 1 : 

Lead rein/assisted:        Champion – Amy Turvey on Ben and Reserve Champion – Joseph McConnell on Vinte.

16 and under:                  Champion – Leland Woodfield on Larry and Reserve Champion – Scarlett Handford on Teddy

Open:                                  Champion – Gail Ellen on Stella and Reserve Champion Liz Trotman on Oliver

Class 2 (PC intro):

Champion –  Lorraine Gilbert on Banjo and Reserve Champion – Jackie Eddington on Bracken

Class 3 (Prelim):

Champion – Charlotte Jones on Arabella and Reserve Champion – Chris Styles on Beryl

Class 4 (Novice):

Champion – Julie Curling on Ranger and Reserve Champion Caroline Laudren on Goose

Class 5 (Elementary):

Champion – Julia Jones on Maise and Reserve Champion Caroline Laudren on Goose



Dressage competition 12th March 2017 – Results

Today’s dressage competition was the last of our winter dressage series and for once the weather was kind to us. No rain, snow, wind – just lovely spring temperatures with a bit of sunshine. The winners of todays competition were as follows:

Class 1 British Dressage Intro C :

Lead Rein/assisted :                            Kelly Taylor on Alice

Junior ( under 16 years) :                    Leland Woodfield on Larry

Open:                                                  Helen Ellis on Katie May

Class 2 Pony Club Intro :                Indie Kaushal on Flash Jack

Best under 16 in class:                     Scarlett Handford on Teddy

Class 3 – Prelin 7:                                 Charlotte Jones on Arabella

Class 4 – Novice  28:                           Lisa Tisor on Kluer

Class 5 – Elementary 42:                    Caroline Laudren on Goose

Many congratulations to all of todays winners and well done to all competitors