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December 11, 2011


Pony Club


Seechem Equestrian Centre is a recognised Pony Club Centre. Pony Club Centres have been created to give those riders who do not have their own ponies or horses a chance to experience all the fun of Pony Club and work towards Pony Club awards tests and badges. At Seechem Pony Club Centre we have approximately 50 members from 8 to 16 years of age. ¬†There are regular mounted rallies where the young riders ¬†improve their riding and pony care skills, and the highlight of the year is the annual Pony Club Camp. (this year’s date: 17-19 August 2016)

Pony Club membership has many attributes, the opportunity to make new friends with a shared interest and to learn not only about ponies but about the British countryside.


Tack cleaning

Tack cleaning


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  1. admin
    Jul 19 2012

    Hi Tara, Sorry it took so long for me to reply. Unfortunately at Seechems we are a Pony Club Centre.
    With regard to the Pony Club there are two different Clubs; one which is Pony Club Branch which is for children who have their own pony (your nearest one to join would be West Warwickshire Pony Club- ask Jane Colley) and the other which is Pony Club Centre, which is for children who just go to a riding school and do not have their own pony. The Pony Club rules are quite strict and we are not allowed as a centre to have children with their own pony. I appreciate you may not have transport and therefore find it difficult to join a pony club branch. The only way I can see around this, would be for you to come for lessons once a week, riding one of our pony’s and then you can join our Centre as a normal riding school client. ( We just don’t mention that you also have your own pony). Sorry I can’t be of more help.

    Best regards

    Birgit Morris
    (on behalf of Seechem Equestrian Centre)


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